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About Us

Koa Woodworks is the forestry, logging and lumber milling operations at KoaWood Ranch.  The ranch is located along the Hamakua Coast on the Island of Hawai’i within a native Koa and Ohia forest that was converted to cattle grazing during the days of the large. cattle and sugar plantations back in the 1800’s. The grazing activities damaged the forest while subsequent harvesting of the high-value Koa lumber further pushed the forest into severe decline. In effort to restore the forest we placed this land into a conservation program working in conjunction with the local Dept. of Forestry and the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service offices. By employing ecologically-sensitive practices to balance the cattle and forestry operations of the ranch, the positive impacts of these rehabilitation activities are now fully evident in the rebirth of the Koa forest.

The Koa lumber we are selling is sourced exclusively from the native, old-growth trees on the ranch.  We only harvest trees that are either toppled by storms or that have reached the end of their natural lifecycle (evidenced by 80%+ canopy die-off) and are targeted for selective thinning and culling activities used to promote the health of the indigenous forest ecosystem. All proceeds from lumber sales are directly reinvested into further promoting the forest stewardship program on the ranch.

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