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Koa Dimensional Lumber

The Koa pieces we list for sale are the cutoffs and excess from the finish-milling steps performed to produce the unique decor and gift items sold through our KoaWood Ranch store.  As such, the quality of the pieces you receive will be materially finer than typically found when purchasing raw lumber.  We perform significant trimming and sizing to eliminate the majority of defects and ensure maximum usability of the full volume of Koa in each piece we sell.  The pieces are sanded (4 sides except where a live or natural edge is present) to provide the most accurate representation of grain characteristics.   All dimensions are accurate to within 1/16" of the figures stated in each product listing and usually slightly larger.  

Our milled Koa is air dried to 15% moisture content and then finished in a dehumidifcation chamber to ensure consistent moisture content throughout the piece.  Final moisture readings tend to fall in the 12%-15% MC range.

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